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What our clients say about our services:

Client: Allot Communications
URL: www.allot.com
Business: World-leading provider of policy-based networking solutions for service providers and corporate networks
Offices: US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Denmark

"eGnosis Web Site Promotion has been promoting our web site for the past year and a half, during which traffic to our site has grown ten-fold. The results have well exceeded our expectations, with thousands of new visitors streaming into our web site every month. We've been very impressed with eGnosis Web Site Promotion's professional approach and their application of their vast knowledge."

Elazar (Azi) Ronen, Executive VP Technology & Marketing, Allot Communications

Client: Shiron Satellite Communications
URL: www.shiron.com
Business: State-of-the-art Internet access solution via satellite communication
Applications: Web casting, video multicasting, video conferencing, telemedicine, distance learning, VoIP

"We would highly recommend eGnosis Web Site Promotion to every web-based company, since we believe their service is an effective method to promote business in today's economic environment. eGnosis Web Site Promotion helps us focus our marketing efforts, and brings us relevant traffic. Their approach to search engines and keyword definition has improved our ability to reach potential customers, while their service has been immediate, professional and pleasant, and flexible according to our changing needs."

Sigal Hofshi, Marketing Communications Manager, Shiron Satellite Communications

Client: MaxBill Ltd.
URL: www.maxbill.com
Business: An innovative provider of Customer Care, customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Billing software systems for competitive providers of next-generation communications services and utility services.
Unique Selling Point: a global network of partnerships with leading international system integrators and technical consultants as well as providers of complimentary hardware and software products.

"eGnosis Web Site Promotion has put us on the map of the World Wide Web, and brought about a dramatic increase in our exposure and the traffic to our site. We've been very satisfied with their service, their constant availability and their willingness and ability to help and advise us with any challenge we present."

Idit Levi, Webmaster, MaxBill Ltd.

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