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RedZoneGlobal prides itself on some of the world's leading specialists in the burgeoning field of search engine optimization. These include:

Keith Pettersen

Keith, (42), is one of the founders and veterans of Search Engine Forums. Since 1997, Keith has developed some of the most advanced search engine optimization systems on the market. Highly respected as one of the most knowledgeable SEO experts in the world, Keith joined forces with Mikkel deMib Svendsen to give birth to the first formalized international SEO network, RedZoneGlobal. Keith has a BA in Marketing and a BS in Information Systems from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Mikkel deMib Svendsen

Mikkel, (36), is considered one of the leading search engine experts, specializing in advanced search engine technology issues. He has been working for several years as moderator in the highly esteemed Search Engine Forums. He also serves as a consultant for major European portals and many of the world's leading search engines.

He is the author of a book on search engine optimization, "Search Engines for Web designers", which is taught regularly at university-level computer science and marketing classes. Mikkel works as webmaster, writer and editor of the SEO web site and newsletter joyzone.dk. A long-time consultant and lecturer at international marketing conferences, Mikkel was previously the search engine manager at Scandinavia's largest portal, Scandinavia Online, in Denmark, and is currently Vice President of Product development at Ankiro. RedZoneGlobal was the brainchild of Mikkel and Keith.

Boaz Maon

Boaz, (40), founder and CTO of eGnosis Web Site Promotion, has been specializing in web site optimization since 1998. Boaz was previously employed for 15 years as a senior software engineer at the prominent structural engineering software firm Atir Engineering Software. Apart from his position at eGnosis Web Site Promotion and his leading role in the establishment of the RedZoneGlobal partnership, Boaz is a long-time editor in the Open Directory Project -- the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web, constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors. Boaz has a BSc in Mathematics and Operations Research from the University of Tel-Aviv.

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