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  eGnosis Web Site Promotion specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the art and science of attracting relevant traffic from the world's major search engines into our clients' web sites.

Optimization in the local language is currently offered for leading search engines in the following countries:

New Zealand

Optimization is performed for an unlimited number of keywords relevant to the site, with no access required to the promoted web site.

Three simple steps to start bringing targeted traffic to your web site:

  1. Select the countries you want visitors from.
    To enable promotion of your web site in the countries chosen, you should have at least some pages in the local language. For an additional charge, eGnosis Web Site Promotion offers translation services for the relevant pages or the entire site.

  2. Prepare keywords and a description of your business.
    Prepare a list of words that are relevant to your business, for which you want your site to be found when entered in a search. Write a very short description of your web site, including a brief explanation of your market, your target audience and your competition.

  3. Decide how you want to be charged.
    You can either pay-per-performance (pay an initial, nominal fee, and from then on only pay an additional fixed price for every visitor that clicks on your link following our search engine optimization), or pay a fixed maximum monthly fee for each country you have chosen to use our services for.

Now sit back and watch the traffic stream in.

Search engines covered by our services:

We cover all major search engines in each of the countries you have chosen our services for. In the US these include primarily Google, Yahoo Search, MSN, and AskJeeves. Since our optimization services include continuous fine-tuning and adjustments to algorithm changes and search engine requirements, we regularly take care that new pages for your web site are indexed by the search engines.

Yahoo Directory and ODP are human-reviewed directories (not robot-compiled search engines), and registration of your site with them is therefore offered as an additional service (see below).

Registration in directories

Web directories such as Yahoo Directory and ODP are different from search engines, in that they have editors who review web site submissions before deciding if the site is suitable for inclusion, under which category it should be included, and with what title and description. Successful registration of a web site in a directory is not trivial. Since you only get one shot (once registered in a directory such as Yahoo it is extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible, to change your listing) -- selecting the right category, title and particular wording of your description are of extreme importance. Research, insight and knowledge employed in site registration can make a remarkable difference.

Successful registration places your web site high up in a search result, meaning that prospective customers will be highly likely to see your link. At eGnosis Web Site Promotion, we use our years of experience to secure the best possible placement for your site. With our help, your registration will be optimal.

Contact us to register your web site in directories.

Search Engine Consulting Services

We are Web consultants to some of the top Internet companies in the world, including Shopping.com and Answers.com. If yours is a large Internet company, contact us and hear what we have to offer.

Anti-spamming policy

Spamming (linking to inaccurate or bogus information) of search engines is unprofessional. It damages both the search engine and your business, by deeming them unreliable.

RedZoneGlobal has a very strict anti-spamming policy. We only allow optimization for words and sentences that are 100% relevant to the web site.

We wish to create only relevant links for users. We will not accept spam!

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