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A current compilation of articles and studies related to Search Engine Optimization

Study: Search Listings Better at Branding, Sales Than Banners

"Search listings worked better than standard banners or button formats with regard to brand recall, favorable opinion rating and purchase origination... Fifty-five percent of participants' online purchases originated on sites found through search listings, compared to nine percent from sites originating from banner ads."

US Dominance Slipping in Internet Use, Commerce

"In three years, 1/3 of all Internet users will prefer using a language other than English...Now is the time to gain competitive advantage globally"

Putting you first

"How search engine optimization can really work for you"

How Search Engines Work

"All the search engine terminology you need to know"

SEO Questions and Answers

"It's true that not all businesses will achieve the same kinds of return on investment from a successful optimization... However, when you consider the low cost of SEO compared to other forms of marketing, your bottom line may increase substantially."

Ten Considerations when Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Company

"If you're in the market to hire a search engine optimization company, you probably feel bombarded with promises of #1 rankings and instant success. But how do you know which claims are important and which to believe, and which are classic snake oil pitches?"

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