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SEO case study: Allot Communications Ltd.

Client: Allot Communications
URL: www.allot.com
Business: World-leading provider of policy-based networking solutions for service providers and corporate networks
Offices: US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Denmark


  • To increase qualified traffic to web site in order to boost the rate of return from Internet investment

  • To expand visibility on search engines and directories

Scope of Work:

  • Full analysis of the company, its industry and its target audiences

  • Research for keywords and keyword phrases that can bring relevant traffic to Allot's web site

  • Optimization of the keywords and phrases for leading search engines

  • Submission of the web site to leading directories, following detailed preparation

  • Provision of ongoing maintenance, during which eGnosis Web Site Promotion will continue to optimize for new keywords as they become relevant to Allot's online marketing objectives, and adjust for changing patterns, trends and developments in the search engine world.

Unique challenges and solutions:

  • Due to the highly competitive nature of the networking solution market, eGnosis Web Site Promotion had to compensate for traffic coming from existing links to larger, Nasdaq-traded competitors of Allot. This was successfully accomplished by making Allot's presence more prominent than the competition in all leading Search Engines.

  • Another major challenge was to change the problematic, existing registration in large directories, to make Allot much easier to find. This was achieved following great efforts, invested especially in correcting the yahoo registration, which now, along with other directories, regularly brings relevant traffic to Allot.

  • eGnosis Web Site Promotion was able to continually increase traffic in an environment characterized by constant change in presence, significance and impact of search engines, by employing flexible and adaptive tactics, and always staying on top of the latest trends.

Applying eGnosis Web Site Promotion's proprietary technology and methodology has led to outstanding results for Allot. Traffic to the company's web site, which was impressive even before eGnosis Web Site Promotion started optimization, has increased by close to 1000% so far, and is still growing steadily (see graph below). Relevant searches in engines and directories find Allot in the first two pages of results, and the company's exposure has increased dramatically.


Monthly traffic change since optimization

* December 1999 - eGnosis Web Site Promotion contracted to perform SEO

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